Friday, 29 August 2014

A UK summer vacation

Well I didn't mean to be away from the blog for so long! I hope you didn't miss me too much.

With thoughts turning to back to school (and work for me), now is a good time to reflect on the summer and get back into good habits of writing the blog.

Our summer holiday this year was a trip to Glasgow to watch the Commonwealth Games.  If you've read my previous posts, you'll know we are sporting mad in our house (generally watching!).  This summer was an opportunity not to be missed.  We applied for tickets based on events we hadn't seen at the Olympics and were fortunate enough to be able to buy tickets for the Athletics, Gymnastics, Netball, Hockey and Badminton.

We drove up to Scotland, breaking the journey at Warrington and stayed outside Glasgow at Ayr.  We spent the Sunday getting to know the area we were staying in and how we would get into Glasgow each day on the train and where to park the car.

Monday saw us off to the Gymnastics, something we have never really watched.  It was an interesting spectacle, with multiple events taking place and different countries entering the arena in batches to compete.  Ever on the look out for visuals for Holiday Club, Josh was taken by the Rotation part of the event, where the Gymnasts move round the arena to the next piece of equipment.

We had three sessions in the Athletics Stadium, one morning session and two evenings.  Again these brought us multiple events happening at the same time and a great opportunity to cheer on the English Athletes (and event some of the Scottish ones).  Our highlights were Gregg Rutherford winning Gold in the Long Jump and David Weir winning Gold in the 1500m wheelchair.

Gregg Rutherford after qualification for CWG2014
After a wet morning at the Hockey Centre watching some brilliant hockey, we were filling time before the evening Athletics and found that the cycling time trial course was passing the hockey centre.  We found space on the railings and split the family in two places for some good viewing opportunities.  It was amazing to see the speed they came passed at.

Hoping you and your family have had a good summer,

God's blessings

Jo x