Tuesday, 17 February 2015

From Cheneycraft...with love

It's half term already and Christmas is well and truly behind us and the promise of Spring is beginning to show in the garden.

Cheneycraft word of the month - February
We have been busy with tennis tournaments and exam revision in recent weeks.  Jacob has his first tournament win of the year and is just one win away from moving up a rating level.  Both boys are deep in revision, Jacob had mocks, or more importantly titled this year "pre-public exams" and Josh is getting ready for his A-levels.

In the post-Christmas tidy up I am following A bowl full of Lemons - 14 week organizing challenge and I am half way through.  I have tackled the master bedroom, kitchen, pantry, utility room, lounge and office area.  The challenge is a great way to focus on one area at a time and deep clean, purge and organize.  The facebook group is supporting and encouraging as well as inspirational.Before and after pictures from those following the challenge are also on Instagram.  Here's my tidy coffee table after the cleaning of the lounge.

Cheneycraft coffee table - #abfolorganizechallenge
This week I'm cleaning the bathroom, which is very small so I will use the time off work to get a head start on the conservatory, which stores all my craft items.

For Valentine's day I crafted using pintrest as inspiration.  Andy's gift of "a few of his favourite things" was wrapped up as a "brown paper package tied up with string"

Cheneycraft Valentine's gift - Brown paper package
Cheneycraft - Valentine butterfly
I also make the boys a Valentine gift each year and this year it was a Malteser Butterfly

Cheneycraft Valentine's gift
I wasn't sure if they would still want a gift from me, but the disappointment on Josh's face that there wasn't one at breakfast told me all I needed to know.  So while he was coaching at tennis I made these.

This week's Bible verse for reflection is also a reminder that God is with us:

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? 
Shall trouble or hardship or persecution 
or famine or nakedness 
or danger or sword? 
No, in all these things 
we are more than conquerors 
through him who loved us.

Our prayer as a family this week is for God's guidance through Lent. As we and many others give things up, may we be reminded of God's faithfulness to us throughout history and his promise to be with us through the trials of life, having been there before in his son Jesus Christ.

With God's blessings from my family to yours,

Jo x