Sunday, 20 October 2013

Back to school

It's a bit late, but here is our back to school preparation blog.

The boys and I had a great day out to LEGOLAND, Windsor, on Monday, before Josh had his induction day at college.

Jacob and I spent a day together getting ready for school and work.  We have set up a homework box so that all the useful bits and pieces for homework can be found in one place and not "borrowed" from or for other tasks.  The idea came from a wonderful website/blog fabulously organized home, it is full of aspirational ideas for an organised home, if only I had the time and space to recreate them.  I am however adapting some of the ideas to fit my modest UK home and I'll share some more in later posts.

Homework box - useful equipment!

Our prayer as a family is for all those starting out on a new part of their life (school/college/work).  We pray that they will feel settled in their new surroundings and make new friends.  We pray that they will work hard and achieve all that they have set their minds upon.

With God's blessings from my family to yours,

Jo x

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