Sunday, 19 January 2014

Life getting in the way

This week was a week with plans all made and then life happened and all that changed.

Monday morning saw the phone call from school that you dread as a parent - Jacob had fallen off his bike on the way to school and could we come and pick him up.

Life happens
Following a trip to our walk-in centre, he was given the all clear from broken bones and confirmation that all the blood just masked surface wounds and nothing that needed stitches. Just observation and cold compresses for the swelling.

Our one tip to anyone else with facial wounds - "Vaseline".  Especially in the first few days, keeping the wound moist with a layer of Vaseline prevents any scarring as the scabs don't form and therefore cannot be picked  or knocked off.  We have used this on both boys now and the healing process is wonderful.

We are grateful that we have a God who watches over our children and even though does not intervene to prevent certain things happening does keep them safe.  We are also thankful to all our friends and family who sent him get well messages.

As plans changed I was able to keep on top of everything around the house using my housework system and have managed to stay on track with the Grand New Year Cleaning Plan.  This week was the entrance way.  I have deep cleaned the front door (inside and out) and the hallway.  Several of the challenges through the week I have already tackled; a home for keys, the coat rack but one place that always needs sorting and resorting is the under stairs cupboard.

Under the stairs - before
This cupboard has many functions but the left-hand side is the coat cupboard part of its life.  So I have decluttered it this week and managed to get the vacuum cleaner back on the floor, rather than lodged on top of other things that had made their way in there.  I have also found that I don't need to buy Christmas wrapping paper this year!

I have managed some craft this week and have made a birthday card for a lady at work.  I took the colour inspiration from the card blank I used and then found lots of decorations to match.

This week's Bible passage is a good line for everyone to follow in life, whether they are a Christian or otherwise:
So in everything,
do to others what you would have them do to you,
for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.
Matthew 7: 12

Our prayer as a family this week is a prayer of thanks to God for watching over us in all parts of our lives and keeping us safe from harm.  We prayer that we will always remember that God is there in the good times and the bad and shares in our sorrows and our joys.

With God's blessing from my family to yours,

Jo x

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