Sunday, 25 May 2014

Putting the house back together

I don't want to sound too dramatic with my title but we have had a bit of upheaval at home in the past few weeks.

Welcoming Spring
We started to smell gas when the heating came on, so the gas board cut our gas off for safety.  No heating or hot water while they investigated.

The weather was just getting better so having no heating was too bad and we have a dishwasher and electric shower so we could do the essentials!

The weather turning to Spring
The essential loaf of bread
Then the dishwasher went bang one evening!  So we had to wash up by hand boiling the kettle to get hot water.  A first world problem I know but actually it has been a small blessing in disguise.

As the kitchen is not set up for washing up as a general rule, we don't have a lot of room to drain the clean items and we certainly don't have a draining rack to help create more space.  This has meant that washing up has had to be a family activity, the boys drying up while I wash.  

Two weeks later we now have a new boiler, an empty fireplace, a space in the airing cupboard (where the hot water tank used to be), a new radiator in Jacob's room (who had always had the hot water tank to keep his bedroom warm) and a new dishwasher on order.

The empty fireplace
Having had to empty the utility room while the boiler was fitted, we have taken the opportunity to complete some of the remodelling we had planned for the utility and kitchen (for those who have read the blog for a while these are items on the grand plan spreadsheet!!).

The new boiler waiting for installation
They are all works in progress at the moment but I will share photos soon as we finish off each job.  We both have the next week off work as it is half term holidays for the boys.  So around the tennis tournament duties and supervising revision we will be working on the house.

The Bible passage for this week's inspiration is a reminder to listen and not judge or too quickly pass on our opinion.  We need to understand where those around us are before we can offer the right words.  We are preparing for a year of witness as a church and we will need to remember this as we seek to spread Jesus love: With God's

My dear brothers and sisters, 
take note of this: 
Everyone should be quick to listen, 
slow to speak 
and slow to become angry
James 1 verse 19

Our prayer as a family this week is for those who find themselves without a safe and warm place to call home.  We pray that God's peace will fall on this war ravished earth and people can live safely in the place they call home, free from fear.

With God's blessing from my family to yours,

Jo x

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